Holy Crap!

Wow, this came out of left field. I was surprised when they released the manga a couple of years ago, but today Anime News Network [animenewsnetwork.com] reported this:

"Funimation Licenses Crayon Shin-Chan (2006-02-14 01:56:47)
According to parent company Navarre, Funimation has licensed Crayon Shin-chan and is expecting to release the series in late 2007. Thanks to Steve Finkle for this info."

It's an awful long time away before we'll see anything actually hit the market place. Hopefully though, this will get a better release than Meitantei Conan did. Hopefully the seemingly minor, yet crucial mistakes that really hurt Conan's marketability have been learned and Crayon Shin-chan will get a great release.

Reading through some of the forum posts attached to the ANN article, it looks like the show is already getting mixed reviews; some of it I find objectionable because it is based solely on the appearence of the artwork and not on an actual viewing of the show. I don't want to put too much speculation or insinuation into this as I've not recevied comment proving just that.

Either way, surprise surprise.

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