Starting something new

Well, not brand-spanking new, but new nonetheless.

I've picked up watching Zipangu 『ジパング』, knowing that at least there has to be some newer anime that would be interesting, this one had sparked an interest with me. Though, probably for the worst part, the reason I was interested was because of controversy because in the fan community. Well, just like the Paris Hilton sex videos, controversy will get people to watch at least once. However, thankfully for Zipangu's story, it is something that will keep me watching.

The animation is something that isn't phenomenal but still noteworthy. I think, like most good anime, the driving part is the story. What is most compelling about this story is its originallity - something that I find lacking in many comtemporary stories.

It is the story of a crew of an Aegis -class of the current Japanese Marine Self Defense Force (Nippon Kaijou Jieitai) who, en route to a training exercise, find themselves being trapped in an electrical storm and suddenly transported back to the South Pacific War ca. 1942 or 1943. While there is a lot of character introduction and background, this is about as far as the story that develops in the first episode. However, looking at the brief preview of the next episode and its title "Midway", it leads me to believe that the true action is going to start very soon.

Sure, this sounds right now like a very Sci-Fi series, which is alright, because I happen to be a fan of the genre, but the addition of the in-history moment and the alternative history possibilities leaves me very excited.

Though, thinking of the genre of military and war, it seems nothing like the series of Gundam or Macross which gather lots of attention because of the sincerities of thier stories or thier animation; Zipangu is taken in almost an entirely different light. The reason there is constantly an argument and almost a dissention among many fans away from this series is because this, and other manga and some smaller anime series, seem to begin embracing the "underground" nationalist culture and rejectiing the modern Japanese ideals of pacifism. I've not gotten far enough into the series to see if it is taking the victim mentality for which many criticize Japan to the point of condoning the actions of the Pacific War or even the Second Sino-Japanese War.

I think we've picked up that I am quite a history fan, as well.

I know this is extremely short, but probably anything more about this series is purely speculation. Though, I am right now, too excited about this series for any further description. The story has a lot of development to go and it is taking me a little bit to get a feel for the animation. Though, some preliminary comments about it, the mechanical and weaponry look great and move very well throughout the medium. While the character designs maintain a lot of realistic looks, the series can still suffer from CG-shock, which is the clash on screen that develops because of the overuse of CG, and the actual animation does seem to retain features of the lifeless cel-shading that many anime are falling victim to now. It's not something horrible that is damaging to the series. Though, it is nothing like other sci-fi/mecha/combat series, such as Bubblegum Crisis OAVs of the 1980s.

Well, I'm out for now. Hopefully I'll be able to get back soon with more information and commentary with this series as well .



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