Errata: RE: Kodomo no Omocha

As I was sitting down having a late lunch and trying to do a little homework, I had Kodomo no Omocha running in the background (I'm the type of person who needs a little background noise to work) and I looked up and saw something that has surprised and perplexed me.

The FUNimation logo and the non-Japanese credits both of which I swore I saw were absent; I had apperently been imagining them. It's the oddest thing.

So, I would like to post an errata amendum to my previous post regarding those comments. The opening and ending theme are untouched with all of the original text left alone. The only comment that still needs to be made is that the first opening theme, "19ji no News" by TOKIO is still absent because of undisclosed reasons that are assumably out of FUNimation's hands. In light of this, my only real complaint is a couple of inconsistant translation errors. Inconsistent because they are present on the menus and packaging (such as the opening title to episode one "I'm a Sixth Grader with an Agent") but within the translation on the subtitle and in the dialogue itself it keeps the original meaning ("I'm a Sixth Grader with a Pimp").

Both of those aside, I am reversing my earlier contemplations about supporting this series. I've liked Kodomo no Omocha since I first saw it in 1998 and had vigourously supported it when being fansubbed. Now, with the improved quality of DVD, a few missing jokes and a missing song are something buyers should be aware of, but does not nessacarily ruin the entire series. I know now that I will be supporting Kodomo no Omocha definately on DVD here in the United States.

I'm still going to be keeping an eye out for an LD set though ....



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