ZOMG! Forgotten

I also forgot that Mobile Suit Gundam SEED DESTINY was licensed yesterday, or at least, an announcement by Jerry Chu of Bandai of America was announced in an interview with MAHQ.net.

I'm not surprised, but I am a little disappointed that they are not going to try and license and release another Universal Century Gundam series simultaneously (or at least, they have not announced such yet). In a way, I guess it's kinda good; I've not got the funds to go searching for another UC boxset (especially with the size and cost similar to Zeta Gundam). I've also not got the time to hurry and finish Zeta right away so I can start another UC series as the boxes for UC seem to be in limited supply. Not to mention I also need to find a way to replace my 0080 and 0083 VHS cassettes with DVDs.

I'm also in no hurry to get back into Gundam SEED DESTINY; I gave up on the series after three weeks for a reason. I felt the characters were being poorly portrayed (even though Ikeda Shuuichi plays in it, I feel even he is sub-par) and the character designer is a complete hack. Some friends of mine have kept kinda up to date with the series, and I pop a question or two off to to them on occasion, but on the whole, it seems that the series is moving for a more tramatic direction, a la Zeta or Victory, but the fact that there still isn't too much of a developing body count for the main characters (and I liked only a small handful of characters from the original SEED series), I've got little reason to watch it. More than likely, when the DVDs come out, I'll get ahold of them to watch through them and watch the series, but I'm not in any rush.

I know since I heard about the SEED sequel, I would be hoping that Bandai of Japan would give it the Zeta Treatment - by killing of 95-99% of the cast. Now that Bandai of America has seemingly gotten distrobution rights to the series, I hope they give it thier own version of the Zeta Treatment - by sitting and doing nothing with the project for years.

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