Back from vacation

I just got back from my working vacation in Las Vegas, Nevada yesterday, so while my body is trying to catch up to East Coast US time (a 3 hour jump) I spent a little time checking out my two newest DVD boxsets.

I watched through only one episode of Zeta Gundam tonight. I had originally planned on watching 9 through 15, but I only got through 9 as my tummy began grumbling and I figured it had been six or seven hours since I last ate. Though, since I am on Spring Break this week getting through a disc or two shouldn't be too much of a problem with the lighter work schedule I am looking at.

I also got a chance Sunday night to actually dig in and watch a little bit of the Bubblegum Crisis boxset. Unlike the Zeta box, this set is full of interesting extras, such as text interviews with the production staff and a lot of the promotional music videos and live stage music videos of the songs from the OAV. I also started one of the episodes to check the actual episode quality and it was very nice looking. Definately an upgrade from my now ratty looking VHS versions of the OAV, which is exactly what I was expecting. Ninety dollars well spent I must say.

I'm also working on getting back into the PuraMo (Plasti Modeling) of Bandai's multiple Mobile Suit Gundam lines. My Red MS-06 Zaku (Master Grade) took a dive off of my desk, but I managed to retrieve everything except for the Heat Hawk, so hopefully a little more thourough searching will lead me back to that. I've also got the red MS-14 Gelgoog (Master Grade) from a friend for Christmas and I want to build that, too. My parents insist on getting me something for my birthday, which is tomorrow, so I'm thinking an airbrush kit is in order. I have a Master Grade God Gundam that I want to use a lighter blue with and I think the airbrush will be able to do the trick just fine. Once some of these are done, I'll be posting pictures of them up here, as they do fall into my anime and manga hobby habits.

Finally, one last note here is that I'm struggling to read through the first volume of Katsu! by Adachi Mitsuru. I don't know if it's just that I have other books (real, not manga) that I'd rather read, or even another manga or two that I know I should read, but it seems I am forcing myself to try to finish it. There are other Adachi works that I really would rather read than this, too; I desperately want a full collection of Touch to call my own, rather than a measily five books. His manga H2 is supposed to be superior to that, and I want to get that, too. I need the first four books of Nine, simply to finish my collection. I also want to find Japanese copies of Short Program.

What I am getting at is that even though Adachi's sense of Youth Drama is in Katsu!, I just don't think its exactly the subject matter I am used to from him. After all, Touch, H2, and Nine are all baseball manga. While I've only recently become more interested and involved in baseball, I've never been a huge boxing fan (in the Western form; eastern forms tend to intrigue me) and I doubt that I will start to become one, even if it is Katsu!'s subect matter.

I guess its true what they say; only the mediocre are at thier best all of the time.


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