To start things off:

Hi there, thanks for reading this nice little blog. I really do appreciate it.

This is my personal hobbies blog; my biggest hobby is still that of anime and manga (Japanese animation and comics).

I've been into anime and manga since my early teens, so I've seen a good number of titles and I've been around the block a couple of times. In here I'll be going through the annals of my small collection, talking about the series I'm watching, and posting the occasional rant or two. Sometimes, instead of actually rnating, I'll probably just leave my societal comments concerning fandom and how its changed and what irks me and what I think has gottne better.

Some other hobbies of mine I'll probably touch on will be my affection for sports (believe it or not, it's more closely associated with anime than one may think), my love for firearms, and the time I've spent dedicated to the martial arts. Occasionally, my personal politics may slip in as it is yet another hobby of mine. Though, I'm going to try and provide a more entertaining look and mostly stay focused on the anime.

What makes me want to do this? Well, mostly, I am a reletively silent complainer when it comes to anime and such. Sure, my friends know what irks me and they know what my tastes are; I also write on the forums at AnimeNation (under the name Suiko Eiji) and Infinitely Excellent (under the name Cowboy Andy) occassionally. But I figured that a blog that I can hand out to more people is a better way to get my discontent and praises out there to the greater fan community.

Even though I may sound negative about a lot of things in anime, and trust me, I will eventually sound like a crotchity old man on the subject, I do still love anime. If I didn't, I would have sold my DVDs, my books, my CD, my posters, and all such other memorabilia that I have. Instead, I still go to cons, I still purchase merchandise and it is still my most recognizable hobby.

With that, I'll leave you for now. I'll be back with some updated lists and possibly a few reviews to start the blog rolling with.


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